Sustainable Packaging:
Reducing Single-Use Plastics for Kanniston Leipomo

Kanniston Leipomo aimed to reduce its use of single-use plastics, responding to a trend where customers preferred non-plastic packaging. To achieve this, we developed straightforward cardboard packaging that significantly reduces plastic use. Although this new packaging doesn't display the product as clearly as the previous plastic versions, customers appreciated its fresh design and were pleased with the change. The packaging's appearance is also noticeable in retail spaces, where its simple yet eye-catching colours make it stand out, differentiating it from competitors. This initiative highlights the bakery's commitment to environmental friendliness and its consideration of customer preferences.

This image of Kanniston Leipomo's Laskiaispullat in its new packaging. Image from Kanniston Leipomo Instagram.

This is a 3D render that displays the final design of the new Runeberg tart packaging, created in 2019

Early prototype