Home Bioreactor ​​​​​​​
Local foods from plant cell cultures
Launched in 2017, the Home Bioreactor project was a groundbreaking initiative by VTT (Technological Research Centre of Finland) that aimed to revolutionise local food production. This innovative endeavour focused on cultivating plant cells, providing a novel, sustainable, ethical, and season-independent alternative for local food production.
Early-stage prototypes of a home bioreactor incorporating 3D-printed elements displayed in a laboratory setting. The operational model is also shown, actively cultivating plant cells within

Early-stage prototypes of a home bioreactor incorporating 3D-printed elements displayed in a laboratory setting. 

The operational model actively cultivates Rubus arcticus plant cells within.

What it is?

The Home Bioreactor is not just a kitchen appliance; it's a smart device that harnesses the power of cellular agriculture to revolutionise how we grow our food. By utilising the capsule principle, this bioreactor enables users to culture plant cells of their choice conveniently. With the capacity to grow up to 500g of fresh plant cells in just a week, it presents an efficient and accessible solution for home-based food production.

Utilising the Home Bioreactor is a straightforward process. Select a capsule
pouch containing the desired plant cells and insert it into the device. Add water, and with a flick of a switch, the bioreactor creates optimal growing conditions for the plant cells. Within a week, the plant cells are ready to be harvested, providing a sustainable alternative to growing food.
This novel form of agriculture, known as cellular agriculture, holds immense potential. By replacing the need for entire plants in food production, plant cell cultures enable the growth of rare species without harming their natural existence. The Home Bioreactor empowers individuals to take part in this transformative movement, allowing them to contribute to a more sustainable future from the comfort of their own homes.

The plant cell cultures as food. Photos by Heiko Rischer
Future of Cellular Agriculture

As cellular agriculture continues to advance, imagine a world where we can cultivate a diverse range of rare and endangered species without endangering their natural existence. Picture a future where food production knows no boundaries, where seasonal limitations are a thing of the past, and where sustainable alternatives flourish. With the Home Bioreactor, we are taking the first steps towards this transformative vision.

What do you think about cellular agriculture? Would you consider embracing and consuming products cultivated through this innovative approach in the future? Join the conversation and let's explore the possibilities of a sustainable and ethical food system together.