Home Bioreactor

Cellular agriculture can transform food production by offering new sustainable alternative for food production that save agricultural space and resources. Cellular agriculture makes food production seasonless, cruelty free and it allows growing of rare species without harming the natural existence. 
What it is?
A Home Bioreactor is a smart kitchen appliance that cultures plant cells for food. The home plant cell incubator functions according to the capsule principle and can grow 500g fresh plant cells in a week.
With Home Bioreactor anyone can grow plant cells at home. Select a capsule of plant cells of your choice and insert them in the device. Add water and flick the switch. The Home Bioreactor creates ideal growing conditions for plant cells which are ready to harvest in a week.
In the near future...
With the help of smart censor technologies, the home bioreactor could improv e health by producing food based on monitored information coming f rom other health measuring devices.
The plant cell cultures as food. Photos by Heiko Rischer
Plant cell cultures can replace w hole plants in the production and can be seen as a new form of agriculture, AKA Cellular Agriculture