PCBeasts: Unique Magnets and Brooches Crafted from Upcycled Circuit Boards​​​​​​​
PCBeasts, an extraordinary line of upcycled circuit board creature magnets and brooches, emerged in 2004 under the visionary brand Secco. It was a pioneering endeavour in ecological design, going beyond the realms of upcycling and planet-saving. PCBeasts embarked on a profound exploration of our evolution and the profound impact technology has on it. This philosophical journey infused the project with a delightful fusion of contemplation and whimsy, resulting in designs that truly captivate the imagination.

The allure of PCBeasts has reverberated among discerning individuals worldwide, propelling these remarkable creations to prestigious locations such as the renowned MOMA stores in New York and Tokyo. Their unique and innovative designs have garnered widespread acclaim, gracing numerous exhibitions and esteemed magazines across the globe.